Questionnaire for incrasing attrition rate in insurance sector

Hire only those applicants who demonstrate an ability to adjust to your work environment, and you'll experience less turnover. Headquartered in Mumbai Bombaythe company operates over 12 million square feet of retail space, has over stores across 71 cities in India and employs over 30, people. However they always keep In mind the transit time of 2 days.

Employee Turnover Within the Insurance Industry

Now big players like Reliance, Bharti, Tatas, ITC and other reputed companies are entering into organized retail businesses The big multinational retailers are slowly entering India in the form of direct entrance eg: Once you understand the causes of insurance-industry turnover, you can take steps to keep employees.

It is also known as Selective Inventory Control. Casual ordering of stress, satisfaction and commitment, and intention to quit: A reduction in the number of employees through retirement, resignation or death" So, what does that entire turnover cost?

It is the fastest growing chain of department stores and aims at having stores by Firstly, it feeds into the services industries when GDP is measured from the output approach.

There is always a first mover advantage in an upcoming sector. There are totally employees or staffs. Retail establishments are often called shops or stores.

Majority of the respondents are dissatisfied with the equity of compensation provided to them at the same level of employment. Although changes in the work organization during the last decades are diverse and difficult to summarize by a few key concepts, there has emerged an agreement that employee involvement and monetary incentive systems are important measures in modern personnel management Delery and DotyAppelbaum et al.

Methods Information on retail sales methodology is available on our website. Growth in the Global Retail Market The confluence of market forces has created an extremely complex climate for the global retail industry.

Also, there are many in house brands promoted by Big Bazaar. Inventory In cores The research was carried out as per the steps of Marketing Research.

Operations Research 19 6: Structure is defined as the skeleton of the organization or the organizational chart. Ultimately the goods21 P a g ereach to the customer at last. Companies may identify such employees and their unsatisfied needs in order to formulate individual specific retention plans.

These stocks represent a large portion of the business investment and must be well managed in order to maximize profits. Insurance companies may consider offering a distinct proposition to successfully attract and retain the sales force.

Big Bazar Project Work Vtu

Asia Pacific Journal of Management. But to reach up to this level the insurance companies have to take major steps to reduce the increasing rate of attrition.

Suppliers should be given schedule for the supply products and other supplies in time. Uncertain demands are met by either by getting it through other outlets of big bazaar or through transfer of interest, to other outlets of future group, like Pantaloons which again affects the level of inventory.

Respondents are asked to separate out the non-goods elements of their sales, for example, income from cafes. This paper aims to enhance understanding of the phenomenon of high employee turnover in the insurance industry and factors that lead to job satisfaction of employees.

Hence, to identify factors that lead to job satisfaction, Factor Analysis was done using Principal Component Analysis. Exit Interviews When you do lose an employee, conduct an exit interview to find out what you can do better.

On the basis of Varimax Rotation with Kaiser Normalization, 3 factors have emerged. It tails how much should the company carry the inventory in order to make balance between the current asset and liabilities.

It determines the Iinventroy control techniqueInventory cost and many more things. Inventory Turn and Profitability The more times an inventory turns, the more it adds to the companys profitability. Our survey reveals that there are two factors:Growth rate of retail sector in India is % per annum.

Near about 12 million retail outlets are spread across India. Very thin margin. High attrition rate of employee.

Turnover Rates Inching Higher

Inventory costApr Apr Apr Apr AprFrom both the graph we got to know that the the inventory cost is incrasing year by year but not in the same rate as.

With a new year upon us, many are taking a fresh look at key business metrics. One worth a look? Your turnover rate.

To help provide some context regarding your organization's turnover rate, the infographic below provides total turnover rates by industry, as reported by employers in by insurance companies is employee turnover or high attrition rate especially in sales force.

It is expected that bythe Indian Insurance sector will be amongst the top 3 in the world. • Based on the responses to this survey, the average staff turnover for the last 12 months is 16 per cent. This is a 3 per cent increase on the 13 per cent average reported in our survey, but per cent lower than the average of per cent surveyed prior to the global financial crisis.

sion, the attrition rate in the insurance industry has declined and is more or less stable as per majority of our survey re-spondents. The non-life insurance industry as on March is employ-ing around 1, 10, people and 3, 20, agents. On the other hand, the life insurance industry is employing 2, 68, employees and 29, 17, agents.

Attrition in Insurance Sector in the Indian Scenario Many Indian companies are facing challenges in attracting and retaining talent with a high attrition rate of 14 per cent, which is more than the global average (The Hindu,).

Questionnaire for incrasing attrition rate in insurance sector
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