Pretties by scott westerfeld book report

When she lands, Peris hits her in the head with his knee as the bungee jacket takes him back into the air. The second book in the series, Breaking Pointwas released in February Heres pretties summary The book begins with Tally, the protagonist, as a Pretty debating what to wear to a bash. After readers have fallen for David in the first book, Westerfeld introduces a whole new love interest, who Tally seems to love just as much Her friends start to drink less however, and try dangerous stunts -- including cutting themselves -- to counteract the way their minds have been dumbed down after the pretty operation.

Most women have lost the ability to have children, and the few who can are assigned the role of Handmaid. She's also brave to take on the Specials on their own turf.

Her peace is disrupted when Zane, who is the leader of the Crims, asks her about David, whom she loved while she lived in the Smoke the rebel community. Thirteen-year-old Will lives in an England that has returned to pre-industrial life following the appearance of the Tripods.

The book follows Alex in a near-future England. This creates the dystopia for which the genre is named. The parents' guide to what's in this book.

In the distant future, the One State has conquered the world and is building a spaceship to expand off planet. Teens now can't live without their iPods, they go to the movies every weekend, spend hours and hours online and are basically overloaded by the media.

I do understand that this is reflecting the changed culture of the pretty world, but it is overused far too much. David is confused and believes that she only loves Zane because he is a Pretty, and tells her so.

Partials by Dan Wells In the mid-twenty-first century, civilization as we know it fell apart under the sudden onslaught of the extremely virulent virus RM.

This ugly tells Tally that he has a package for her, but he leaves it hidden, forcing her to work to find it.

Everything a person does, right down to whom they sleep with, is controlled by the state. Tally can only remember her adventures as an Ugly in brief, disconnected bits because of the brain lesions present on all those who have undergone 'the Operation'. V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd Most of you are likely familiar with the film adaptation of this graphic novel.

Stay up to date on new reviews. Living on the fringes and off the grid, Trent and his friends decide to take on the media giants to change the laws that have become too oppressive.

They soon discover that, when Zane went to the hospital for his headaches, a tracker chip was put in his tooth that sent a message to the Specials. Does Shay's apologies really matter if she doesn't remember what she actually did?

But what happens to the person who remembers what it is like to feel, to be different, the way things once were?


So you may be surprised to learn that he is the author of what is considered the very first dystopian novel. Dystopian literature has never been a light and fluffy genre, and The Hunger Games trilogy is no exception. When she arrives, Maddy tells her that the pills she and Zane took separately were meant to be taken together by one person.

Tally only recalls her adventures with Croy and what he told her when Zane kisses her. But when Tally gets some of her ugly and smoky memories back, she knows she has to escape. The last sentence is"Face it Tally-wa, you're Special," which Tally hears in her dreamlike state.

She joins a group called the Crims, who are all pretties who had run-ins with Special Circumstances when they were ugly. He regrets that he didn't go into the wilderness then. He stalls Tally, and instead of falling to the river, she falls into a reservation with rather primitive people who seem to be very violent, being stuck in a rut of tribal feuding.

Pretties: Uglies Quartet, Book 2

Eventually Tally, Zane, and their friends stop indulging. But is life in a faction really better than the alternative?

Tally rushes back outside and sees that Croy has jumped off the side of the party tower. Suzanne Collins put dystopian literature back on the map as a major subgenre of speculative fiction with her Hunger Games trilogy.After reading the second book of the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld, I believe that this trilogy-plus-one is going to be classified in that category.

Summary on Pretties, by Scott Westerfeld?

Pretties picks up where Uglies left off—Tally Youngblood has finally become a new Pretty and has joined her other friends in the city to live a not-so-bubbly life/5. Transcript of Book Report - Pretties Prezi by Phoebe Miller Pretties by Scott Westerfield Setting The setting of Pretties is New Pretty town, an anthropologist's project in the forest, and the Rusty Ruins.

Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Pretties by Scott Westerfeld_Book Report Essay Estrada, Yareli Period 1 3/16/14 Pretties You can’t forget your past even in a bright present.

In the novel Pretties, Scott Westerfeld discusses the different stages a girl, Tally Youngblood (Tally-wa), goes through to. Phoenix Unbound—the first book in Grace Draven's new Fallen Empire series—releases from Ace Trade Paperback on September 25th.

In honor of the release, Penguin Random House is celebrating with a giveaway that features not only an ARC of Phoenix Unbound but also a Fantasy Romance Starter Kit made up of other first-in-series romantic. Jun 10,  · Even so, Westerfeld masterfully crafts another jaw-dropping cliffhanger at the end of this installment, which will get readers excited about the series -- especially since the next book, Specials, is named after the city's dreaded security force.3/5.

Pretties by scott westerfeld book report
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