Interview with a jewish person

The term "post-denominational" has steadily become more important to me. I believe in the traditional God of Israel. What do you believe to be the central challenge facing contemporary Judaism? Different is subjective According to Jewish law, a child born to a Jewish mother is born a member of the Jewish people, our child is a Jew and he was also raised exclusively in Judaism, so I live in the same manner as a Jew as I did before I married, and we all pray together as a family.

I invite people to contact me with proposals. The current denominations have not solved our problem. Also, I would appreciate it if you could include your first name as well. Maybe it's necessary but balances out I resent when others try to put that onto others.

Questions To Ask A Jewish Person During An Interview?!?

I sometimes call myself a "spiritual Jew. How do currently understand each of these? I believe that is the way we should go and that is the future. I firmly believe that there is more to life than just work. We have to encourage people who have this potential to fulfill it!

Judaism is not to aggrandize our nationality, but to devote it to God. It is about fulfilling what we believe our purpose for existence is all about and how we achieve connection to one another and to God.

How were you raised? We need something new.

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We have to encourage people who have this potential to fulfill it! I believe that love of God and people is the essence.

Until that happens, we must muddle along, conserving the tradition to the best of our ability and trying to create new forms to help in our spiritual journey, using the best of what the various denominations have to offer.

I test it all the time.

10 interview questions for Jewish faith?

But the two are actually one. This does not mean that other religions are not true. I do not claim to be observant of all of the dietary laws of kashrut. But one of the main contributions that Judaism can teach the world is how to sanctify the powerful phenomenon called peoplehood.

I have had an intense interest in learning what people of the world believe, and why, from a very young age. God talks to people.

But I accept Jewish mystic ideas of God also. One of the best-known aspects of Jewish religious life is Tzedakah, meaning righteousness and charity.

Because the Torah, the source of the eternal laws of the eternal covenant between the covenant nation people, Israel and God dictate what can and cannot be eaten according to that covenant.

Although there are different ways to view the Torah, it is always the perfect Word of God that is a source of eternal life. That's my real and only objection. No, I haven't found any organised religion to be in line with what I believe. I am a devotional as well as intellectual type and God as a Person is important to me.Jul 14,  · Best Answer: 1.

I converted because I found Judaism to hold the most truth to me 2. We believe that Abraham spoke to G-d, and they made an agreement or "covenant" stating that If the Jewish people would worship and have faith in G-d, that Abraham's family would be ensured to multiply for generations to Resolved.

Oct 22,  · I have to Interview A jewish person and I need some interview questions to ask them. Please help this project is worth points and I need to pass the Class. Thanks to all that help!Status: Resolved. Jul 14,  · 10 interview questions for Jewish faith? need to do an interview for a world religion class 1.

What made you choose this religion or choose to stay in this religion? 2. What are the general beliefs of your religion? try to make amends to any person we may have wronged, either through intent, omission or error, and then return to Status: Resolved.

Interview With A Jewish Person. Introduction of the religion The religion I decided to do this interview on is Judaism. I have always been interested in this religion and was ready to learn more.

One of the three great monotheistic world religions, Judaism began as the faith of the ancient Hebrews, and its sacred text is the Hebrew Bible, particularly the Torah.

My Interview with a Jewish Friend. Topics: Judaism, Looking back, Laurie is the one person I felt closest to, and still do and I knew instantly when we met that ours was not the teenage friendship of fighting over boys and clothes and for a spot on the Handball team.

Ours was for life. Home of the Jewish Spirit Journal and maggid (teacher and storyteller) Yitzhak Buxbaum.

An Introductory Interview with Maggid Yitzhak Buxbaum. We have to support each other in our Jewish spiritual paths. What interests me is that a person be sincere and spiritually-oriented. Let each person seek Truth and God in the way he or she finds.

Interview with a jewish person
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