Hazel edwards writing a non boring family history

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Writing a Non-Boring Family History (Yarram)

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Writing a Non-Boring Family History or Memoir

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In honky tonks and bars where he played the blues and where fist fights and shootings were normal, his almost six and a half feet and over two hundred pounds had a calming affect. Family history sleuthing is the biggest hobby worldwide.

Amid a sea of genealogy books, Hazel Edwards has written a practical handbook on how to craft stories about our ancestors in an interesting way that other people will want to read.5/5(1).

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Also suitable for those writing family history stories and anecdotes for younger children in their families. How to Write Non Boring History for Kids:Even from Your Own Family's Past ( KB) The workshop is based on Hazel’s book Writing a Non Boring Family History.

Join renowned Australian author Hazel Edwards OAM for a workshop based on her book, How to Write a Non-Boring Family History. Book sales and signing will be available on the day, including signing of Hazel’s books past and present.

Writing a Non Boring Family History With over books published, including the children's classic, There's a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake, Hazel Edwards has turned her hand to mentoring us over two fantastic sessions!

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Hazel edwards writing a non boring family history
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