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This led to significant lower long distance shipping costs by the 14th century.

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The discovery of India — what have I discovered? Nearly five months have gone by since I took to this writing and I have covered a thousand hand-written pages with this jumble of ideas in my mind. The compass had been used for navigation in China by the 11th century and was adopted by the Arab traders in the Indian Ocean.

All his fellow prisoners eleven of them were political prisoners from various parts of the country, having deep knowledge about the various aspects of India which the book discusses.

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It is very likely that this last expedition reached as far as Madagascar. Portuguese ships sailed west into the Atlantic to get favourable winds for the journey to India, and this is where Cabral was headed on his journey, in a corridor the treaty was negotiated to protect.

European sailing had been primarily close to land cabotageguided by portolan charts. The "True Indies" and Brazil Innewly crowned King Manuel I of Portugal sent an exploratory fleet eastwards, fulfilling his predecessor's project of finding a route to the Indies.

Travels were halted abruptly after the emperor's death, as the Chinese lost interest in what they termed barbarian lands turning inward, [16] and successor emperors felt the expeditions were harmful to the Chinese state; Hongxi Emperor ended further expeditions and Xuande Emperor suppressed much of the information about Zheng He's voyages.

All his fellow prisoners eleven of them were political prisoners from various parts of the country, having deep knowledge about the various aspects of India which the book discusses. To know and understand India one has to travel far in time and space, to forget It is but folly for me to attempt to review a book so close to my heart.

This is a minor failure and Nehru is quite aware of it. They also participated in proofreading Nehru's work and providing him with creative suggestions.

Muslim traders—mainly descendants of Arab sailors from Yemen and Oman —dominated maritime routes throughout the Indian Ocean, tapping source regions in the Far East and shipping for trading emporiums in India, mainly Kozhikodewestward to Ormus in the Persian Gulf and Jeddah in the Red Sea.

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But this is dazzle. The Black Death of the 14th century also blocked travel and trade. The book is widely regarded as a classic in India since its first publication in [ citation needed ], and provides a broad view of Indian historyphilosophy and cultureas viewed from the eyes of a liberal Indian fighting for the independence of his country.

Venetian merchants distributed the goods through Europe until the rise of the Ottoman Empirethat eventually led to the fall of Constantinople inbarring Europeans from important combined-land-sea routes. He invested in sponsoring voyages down the coast of Mauritaniagathering a group of merchants, shipowners and stakeholders interested in new sea lanes.

Other Contributors[ edit ] Nehru attributes some of the content of the book to his fellow prisoners at Ahmednagar jail. It was not until the continent itself was explored that Spain found the wealth it had sought.

Despite the unreliable and often fantastical nature of its accounts it was used as a reference [28] for the East, Egypt, and the Levant in general, asserting the old belief that Jerusalem was the centre of the world. The rediscovery of Roman geographical knowledge was a revelation, [17] both for mapmaking and worldview, [18] although reinforcing the idea that the Indian Ocean was landlocked.

Voyages of Christopher Columbus and Spanish colonization of the Americas The four voyages of Christopher Columbus — Portugal's neighbouring fellow Iberian rival, Castilehad begun to establish its rule over the Canary Islandslocated off the west African coast, inbut then became distracted by internal Iberian politics and the repelling of Islamic invasion attempts and raids through most of the 15th century.The Discovery of India is an honour paid to the rich cultural heritage of India, its history and its philosophy as seen through the eyes of a patriot fighting for the independence of his country.

The book is widely considered one of the finest modern works on Indian history. Review: The Discovery of India The Discovery of India is, in fact, the discovery or Nehru’s rich and graceful gives us glimpses into the manifold.

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The Discovery of India [Jawaharlal Nehru] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Affectionately called Chacha/Uncle Nehru, he was loved by the masses.

He also wrote very well, and was/5(34).

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In our Channel Technically Scientific we upload videos related to Life hacks,Science,and environment. In conjunction with the Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund in New Delhi, Oxford proudly announces the reissue of Glimpses of World History and The Discovery of India, two famous works by Jawaharlal of modern day's most articulate statesmen, Jawaharlal Nehru wrote a .

Discovery of india
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