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Russian Empire Russia, already suffering socially and economically, was torn by a deadly civil war that left more than 5. Between andthere was a complete trench warfare on both sides.

In contrast to times under the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, Jews were often ostracized and discriminated against. When these soldiers returned to their homelands and continued to be treated as second class citizens, many became nuclei of pro-independence groups.

After the victory, Vittorio OrlandoItaly's President of the Council of Ministersand Sidney Sonninoits Foreign Ministerwere sent as the Italian representatives to Paris with the aim of gaining the promised territories and as much other land as possible.

So the new threat of poison gas dropped from enemy bombers excited a grossly exaggerated view of the civilian deaths that would occur on the outbreak of any future war. The reconstruction programme emphasised heavy industry to the detriment of agriculture and consumer goods.

Between andthere was a complete trench warfare on both sides. The western Allies' substantial accession to Japan's territorial ambitions at China's expense led to the May Fourth Movement in China, a social and political movement that had profound influence over subsequent Chinese history. However, a Yugoslavian state was created in order to limit Italian influence and expansion on the Balkans, and thus Italy was quite isolated.

Aftermath of World War I Essay

And finally, in the south, Serbia was attacked by the forces of Austria-Hungary. When the discussion flips to the Eastern and Western fronts, it is necessary to mention that the first month of the battle mainly included rapid movements of the troops and bold attacks on both sides.

Germany in turn was punished with a range of economic reparations and severe limits on its rights in military, geographical and economical areas. At the Battle of Sakarya, the Greek army was defeated and forced into retreat, leading to the recovery of Izmir and withdrawal of Greece from Asia Minor.

Cleanup of major battlefields is a continuing task with no end in sight for decades to come. The Western forces were officially supposed to occupy the old Empire, but rarely had enough troops to do so effectively.

Aftermath of World War II

According to the agreement, Austria-Hungary turned into two separate nations. One gruesome reminder of the sacrifices of the generation was the fact that this was one of the first times in international conflict whereby more men died in battle than from disease, which was the main cause of deaths in most previous wars.

Later, when Germany rearmed, the nation states of south-central Europe were unable to resist its attacks, and fell under German domination to a much greater extent than had ever existed in Austria-Hungary.

Most of this was replaced in and all immediately after the war. Bolzano-Bozen and Trieste were granted to Italy. Others had the opposite reaction, feeling that only military strength could be relied upon for protection in a chaotic and inhumane world that did not respect hypothetical notions of civilization.

In response, inU. The Ottoman Empire came into the game late inright after Germany successfully made Russia think Turkey was the attacker.

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Many of these national minorities found themselves in hostile situations because the modern governments were intent on defining the national character of the countries, often at the expense of the other nationalities.

The interwar years were hard for the Jews of the region. Battles such as Gallipoli for Australia and New Zealand, and Vimy Ridge for Canada led to increased national pride and a greater reluctance to remain subordinate to Britain, leading to the growth of diplomatic autonomy in the s.

Also, Japan was granted a permanent seat on the Council of the League of Nations. Mandate Palestine and the Emirate of Transjordan. France, Great Britain, Germany and Russia were together dragged into the battle, mainly because these countries were involved in the so-called treaties, the latter obliged these nations to defend some other lands.Aftermath of World War I Essay.

Signing of the Treaty of Versailles in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles in - Aftermath of World War I Essay introduction. The fighting in World War I ended in western Europe when the Armistice took effect at am GMT on November 11,and in eastern Europe by the early s.

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World War I has been an event of the great significance for its times. According to its dimensions and after effects it did not have the equalities within the previous history of the humanity. The Aftermath of World War II was the beginning of an era defined by the decline of all European colonial empires and the simultaneous rise of two superpowers: the.

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Post-war, in: online. Free Essay: Aftermath of WWI Leads to WWII Prior to the First World War, Europe was the world center of industry and capital. Massive death, destruction, and.

Aftermath of wwi essay
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