Advantages and disadvantages of watching television-essay

Sometimesthere are some movies contain sexual material and violence which affected the stormy phase of growing of children and teenagers and should not be watched ,even by some adults. But before going towards pros and cons I will tell little introduction about Television or TV.

Live events of various music shows, award functions, etc. Psychologists coined the term "social surrogacy" to explain how television can fill the shoes of absent friends or family. During holidays, instead of going out in the open and play some sports, the youngsters prefer to remain idle watching television.

Advantages and disadvantages of watching television-essay people claim that television is the root of all evil, while others think of television as a best friend. Anybody can watch television simply by sitting at home.

We do not spend much time with society and nature. The harmful effects of drug, alcohol, smoking, etc. We become aware of the present socio-economic condition of our country and of our world. It fills our life with vigor. By pressing several simple buttonsyou can see your appropriate programme that fit your taste.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Television may be a splendid media of communication, but it prevents us from communicating with each other or with the outer world.

From very long ago, people had already known how to transform information in many different ways but only when the first television programme was broadcasteda new age had begunthe age of image transformation.

Is watching TV good or bad for your brain? Finally, the evil influence of television on the young generation is inevitable; it encourages them to commit crimes. Second, television, with its fascinating power, makes people of all ages sink into oblivion: Everything contains good side and bad side and television has no exception.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Television (TV) – Essay, Speech, Article

Television is a wonderful and popular invention of Science and Technology. So that, we do not have to be a passive viewer. People become lazy, instead of doing sports they watch TV. The world seen through television is only the restricted one: Furthermorethe television deserve considered as the unlimited source of information.

Does the Idiot Box Make Idiots? Television can educate and inform independently of government in most parts of the world. Dull and indecent programs: Everyone must agree that the advantages of watching TV are very considerable.

Some shows can motivate people who are interested in that field and help them to pursue their dreams. It is damaging for their health and abilities. More essays like this: As you can probably guess, it all depends on who is watching, what they are watching, and for how long.

Television is a source of recreation. There are various types of quiz shows which help us to gain some knowledge. Entertainment Watching Television kick our bore mode and make it fresh and entertaining in the shape of music, videos and movies. If people spend much more time on watching TV then they may become lazy.

We spend most of our time in flipping the channels. If a certain show makes you laugh, for example, then an argument can be made for its mood-elevating merits.

It keeps us updated. The news can be sometimes more concerned with entertainment than information, but every viewer have to choose the correct channel.

Television: Meaning, Advantages and Disadvantages of Television

It creates certain feelings in them which are detrimental to their future. May 19 The world seen through television is only the restricted one: In social situations where you may find yourself surrounded by strangers with whom you have nothing in common, a popular show or televised sporting event might give you something to talk about.

The television also shows comedy shows which affect our lives in a positive manner.Advantages / Disadvantages of Watching Television Essay Advantages / Disadvantages of Watching Television Hope someone kind will read my essay and fix my grammatical errors.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Watching Television

Nowadays, television has become the most popular media of human kind. Feb 13,  · Watching too much television is not good for your health. Studies have shown that there is a correlation between watching television and obesity. Excessive TV watching (more than 3 hours a day) can also contribute to sleep difficulties, behavior problems, lower grades, and other health currclickblog.coms: Children watching scary shows may affect their mental condition.

Children watching any violent films have more tendency to develop violent behavior. In conclusion, there are both, advantages and disadvantages, of watching television. And disadvantages are more for the children’s. Published: Wed, 31 Dec This article talks about the disadvantages of watching television and the reality television shows, in this article the author is trying to say that there are a lot of disadvantages of watching television.

Tags: disadvantages of watching TV essay, essay on tv, example essay, sociology essays, watching TV, watching TV essay ← Separation of Church and State Essay The Criminal Justice System Essay → Client testimonials. Read more: A dvantages and disadvantages of television essay Moreover, children may lose the creativity, growth of intelligence and emotional reaction by watching televion all the time.

They only see what are being showed; they become less curious about the world around them.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Television (TV) – Essay, Speech, Article Download
Advantages and disadvantages of watching television-essay
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