A description of the cannery row fiction paper

In this telling historical fiction, the Nobel Laureate creates archetypes of characters who made central California home during a trying time in American history. Mary is a local woman who is descended from a woman that was burned for witchcraft hundreds of years earlier.

The Canneries

Steinbeck befriended many soldiers and commanders during World War II and was present for many actual battles in Italy and Germany. The people of Cannery Row fear him as he is said to have once stared a boy down until the boy passed out.

In order to calm her, her husband participates in her tea party. Lee Chong selects some flower bulbs and some firecrackers. Mary throws many small parties in order to keep herself cheerful, including parties for the neighborhood cats. His name is feminine because his mother was tired when he was born the eighth child in seven years and named the baby after an aunt who was rumored to have life insurance.

As a lover of all things marine biology I was captivated by the flora and fauna of the aquarium for an entire day. Doc is a sort-or father figure to the residents of Cannery Row. Mary is horrified at this and calls for her husband who kills the mouse and chases the cat off.

Most people appeared to desire a good time and quick fix for their troubles without contemplating long term solutions for their own and the country's money troubles. Locations[ edit ] Cannery Row is the living backdrop for the book.

But we know we are still looking at a place subject to currents and tides, still filled with the same salt water as the rest of the sea. Dora Flood[ edit ] Owner and operator of the Bear Flag Restaurant, Dora possesses a keen business mind as well as a strong spirit.

These constitute subplots that unfold concurrently with the main plot. Mack and his gang of delinquents call a warehouse owned by Lee Chong home in exchange for only shopping in his general store and never stealing his goods.

It has been performed on stage many more times and recently as When a sickness spreads through Cannery Row, it is the girls of the Bear Flag who go delivering soup and company to the sick while they recuperate, and on the list of generous donors to local charities or events, the Bear Flag is always at the top.

Dora is debatably the most successful character in the book. His name is feminine because his mother was tired when he was born the eighth child in seven years and named the baby after an aunt who was rumored to have life insurance.

He tells him not to worry about the broken equipment.But you don’t just have to look outside the novel to find tragedy.

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For a “funny” novel, Cannery Row is full of sadness. Everyone else in Cannery Row (even Lee Chong) owes something to someone else, while Doc is the only guy who's debt-free. If the community is held together by these debts, then Doc stands outside the community a little bit, even.

A follow up to the Cannery Row, this book once again deals with the funny and relatable yet unique everyday life of the residents of the Row. Sweet Thursday in the coastal town is the day that comes after Lousy Wednesday – one which is generally the worst in the week.

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Doc is a gentle, melancholy man who is a source of culture, benevolence, and aid for all on the Row. He introduces Dora's girls and the boys to opera, classical music, and literature, and he takes Frankie in.

Cannery Row is Steinbeck at his best. It is a great example of Steinbeck's humorous side as well as some sad commentary on the state of mankind.

A description of the cannery row fiction paper
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